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zhermack modulmix

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Rs. 119,420.00
Rs. 119,420.00 - Rs. 119,420.00
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Automatic A-Silicone mixer with a 5:1 mixing ratio. Modulmix, available in 6 colours, will fit perfectly with all types of surgery decor.


• Two dispensing speeds:
– Normal: 70* ml/min
– Fast: 155* ml/min
• Motorised plungers (forward & reverse) for changing cartridges (max 3 sec)
• Ergonomic and compact design
• Two speed dispenser buttons
• Cartridge level indicator
• Retracting, finger-safe pistons to guarantee maximum safety standards
• Available in 230 V and 115 V countertop or wall-mounted versions
• Compatible with main 5:1 systems currently available on the market
• Digital timer provided


• The high dispensing speed allows to accelerate the impression taking phase
• Double actuation button positioned on both sides of the machine to facilitate the view on the impression tray during filling
• Double speed automatic mixing combined with the innovative Zhermack dynamic-static mixing tip guarantees the maximum mixing uniformity (without air bubbles) while maintaining unchanged the reactivity of the product

Direction to Use

  • The connection is made using the power supply cable.
  • Insert the cable into the appropriate cavity in the base.  
  • Connect the power cable to the socket under the machine.
  • Fix the modulmix to the base. 
  • Connect the power cable to the socket.
  • Remove the clip cap from the cartridge. 
  • Open the door (making sure the pistons are retracted) and insert the cartridge inside. Advance the pistons and close the door. 
  • Press the “slow” key and extrude the product until homogeneity between “BASE” and “CATALYST” is obtained. 
  • Insert and fix the dynamic-static mixing tip onto the mixing shaft correctly. 
  • Insert the locker for fixing of the dynamic-static mixing tip. 
  • Extrude a small amount of material (in “slow” mode) before filling the impression tray.