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xtcera zr shade liquid 60 ml

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X-COLOR dyeing liquids are independent developed and researched for zirconium full contour by XTCERA,containing A,B, 5 shading serious, which performs better matched with full contour from zirconia blocks produced by Coloring Liquid:

Shade A :A1 A2 A3
Shade B :B1 B2


1. Rich in color ,good dyeing effect:5 basic colors and special shades could meet customers'genuine and aesthetic requirements to the greatest extent;
2. Excellent penetration power and shorter dyeing time: could fast penetrate to the intra teeth and easy to dye;
3. Easy to operate and stable in functions:easy and practicle dyeing methods greatly reduces the operational requirements for technicians,excellent dyeing stability
and repeatiblity;
4. Small effect on material property:test indicates the hardness and intensity changes little after dyeing.
5. Meet the requirements of integrity, use XTCERA zirconia blanks , dyeing effect could be better.

Dyeing methods:

Before dyeing , clean the zirconia teeth should be cleaned with a brush and blown up with an air gun(or clean with clean water or ultrasonic wave, dyeing must be done after drying 。

Coping dyeing


1. Choose proper container at demands and pour in coloring liquid;

Note: shake the coloring liquid evenly;

2. Put the zirconia teeth into coloring liquid with a plastic tweezer ,dipping for 2 mins;
  Note: Make sure the whole teeth in the coloring liquid , do not separately dip different part of the teeth;

3. After dipping ,take the teeth out with a tweezer and clean the liquid on it with tissue(do not put the teeth on water-absorbing objects for a very long time;

Note:Container, tweezer,tissue and other tools should be cleaned before operation;

4. Dry the zirconia teeth with a constant temperature box(100° for 20mins) or infrared light (30mins in a distance of 10cm)

Note: Drying time for coping could be lessened propriately, while the dying time for crown ,bridge and bridge with missing teethcould be increased correspondingly.

Crown dyeing

Incisal brushing+ dipping:

1. Brush the incisal part(or cusp, edge ) of zirconia teeth two times evenly with incisal liquid using an op pen ;
Note:When brushing the incisal part, pls avoid imbuing to other parts;
2. Dipping(same as the copping dyeing and dipping)


Storage temprature:0~10°;
Pls pay attention to the labels to avoid mixing up and failure in dying ;
This coloring liquid are specialized for XTCERA zirconia blanks, do not utilize for other blanks or mix with other coloring liquid;
Pls operate as recommended to get the best dyeing result.