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woodpecker plugger fi-n ( pack of 4 )

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This instrument used to assist the operation of endodontic vertical filling and condensation.

Stainless steel tip end and Niti tip end switchable to realize precise and flexible endo filling.

Featuring both a tapered nickel-titanium end and a stainless steel end, Woodpecker Hand Plugger can be used in any common obturation technique, including warm and cold condensation.

While either end may condense and control the movement of gutta-percha under pressure, use the NiTi end for finishing off condensation procedures in even the most radically curved canals.

These NiTi/stainless steel endo pluggers are fabricated of the highest grade materials for excellent durability and sterilization.

The smaller end is NiTi alloy tip and the other end is stainless steel tip.


  • Two laser marking rings of 10 mm and 15 mm engraved on the NiTi tip enable easier identification of the condensation depth.
  • 78 Precise machining processes are conducted on each plugger with CNC machining equipment impooted from Germany and Japan. 
  • Taper accuracy up to 0.02mm.
  • Good Rust resistance.

Key Features:-

  • Autoclavable at 134°C.
  • Chemical sterilization is Prohibited.

4 Models With Different Tip Diameters.

  • 35-70
  • 40-80
  • 50-100
  • 60-120


  • Nickel Titanium
  • Stainless Steel

Single or Double Ended:

  • Double Ended


  • Pack Of 4