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woodpecker endodontic ultrasonic tips

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Woodpecker endodontic ultrasonic tips has a very positive effect on chemical, biological and physical debridement of the root canal and irrigation of the same for the successful endodontic treatment. It efficiently helps in removal of calcifications, pulp stones from the canal, it also helps in removal of broken files,and fiber posts.It has proven to be excellent in irrigating the canal as well as activating the irrigant into the  canal.

Key Specification

  • E11 - Calcification removal in root canal, removal of cement, exposing and removing broken files.
  • E14 - Active irrigation and irrigation activation.
  • E8  - Access opening and refinement, canal orifice detection, removing calcifications, loosing crowns and posts.
  • E9 - Pulp stone and base material removal, pulp chamber calcification removal and cleaning.
  • E5D - Fiber post removal(coronally), coronal third canal clacification removal. 
  • E11D - Broken file removal, fiber post removal(apically).


Woodpecker Endodontic Ultrasonic Tips

  • 1 x E11
  • 1 x E14
  • 1 x E8
  • 1 x E9
  • 1 x E5D
  • 1 x E11D