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woodpecker airotor handpiece - wrench type

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Rs. 3,800.00
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Woodpecker Airotor Handpiece - Wrench type facilitate user comfortability and reduces procedural time.

The airotor is powered by compressed air which passes up the central lumen of airotor. This column of air then strikes the blades of a windmill in the handpiece head, causing it to rotate.

  • Light weighted, comfortable handpiece with new optimized wind wheel and gas path design.
  • Torque is upto , which has increased by 62.8% compared to old type handpiece.
  • Resulting cutting efficiency is increased by 94.6%
  • New overload protection system can protect the handpiece from higher pressure, prolonging handpiece's life span.
  • No need to frequently adjust the air pressure, which is more convenient and efficient.
  • Axial core with bigger clamping force - can grasp the needle tighter.
  • It would not be hard to uninstall the burs after intense cutting, making it more convenient to install and uninstall burs
  • Air pressure:            0.18~0.22MPa
  • Water pressure:       0.2MPa (2.0bar)
  • Rotation speed:       370,000~430,000rpm
  • Head height:            12.8mm
  • Head diameter:       Φ10.2mm
  • Noise:                      <70dB


  • 1 x Airotor
  • 1 x Bur Key
  • 1 x Cap Scanner
  • Instruction Manual