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voco ufi gel hard - handmix & cartridge sets

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Original price Rs. 10,850.00
Rs. 10,850.00
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Size: Ufi Gel hard - set

Ufi Gel Hard and Ufi Gel Hard C

Ufi Gel Hard C - Direct hard relining material perfectly mixed from the cartridge for simple, time-saving and bubble-free application

Ufi Gel Hard is the Handmix version of Ufi Gel Hard C


 Only one appointment required
 Neutral taste and odour
 No heat development in the mouth

  • Hard permanent relining
  • Direct and indirect relining
  • Total or partial relining
  • Ambulant relining
  • Lengthening of denture rims
  • Repair and enlargement of dentures
  • Correction of new dentures
  • Only one appointment required
  • Methylmethacrylate-free
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • No heat development in the mouth
  • Good color stability
  • As easy as taking an impression
  • Lower costs for your clinic
  • Aesthetic, high patient acceptance and comfort
  • Smooth surface
  • New layers can be added at any time


Set powder 60 g, liquid 40 ml, 20 ml conditioner, accessories


Set cartridge 80 g, adhesive 10 ml, mixing tips type 8