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voco dimanto 5 pieces assorted set

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  • Compliance with the recommended rpm range of 3,000 min-1 - 8,000 min-1 leads to best work results. 
  • The maximum acceptable rpm (20,000 min-1) must never be exceeded. 
  • Dimanto polishers can be used with or without water spray cooling. 
  • Care should be taken (minimal feeding pressure, reduced rpm) to avoid generating excessive heat, especially when not using water cooling.

Pressure: Work with moderate feeding pressure when beginning to polish. Work with reduced pressure during the final stage of polishing to achieve maximum gloss.

Hygiene: All instruments are delivered unsterile and must be run through the indicated cycle before and after each us.


  • The Dimanto polishers must be inserted as deeply and firmly as possible into the contra-angle handpiece.
  • The polisher should have reached the desired rotational speed before making contact with the composite. Avoid jamming or levering during polishing, since this will lead to an increased risk of fracture.
  • Polishers that are bent or no longer smooth-running must be promptly sorted out and discarded. Safety glasses should always be worn when working with Dimanto polishers.
  • Supports, shanks or the object being polished may break due to improper use or material defect. Alternatively, the work can be carried out behind a protective panel of glass.
  • A face mask must be worn to avoid inhalation of dust from the polisher or the restoration. Dust extraction is also advisable.


Set 5 pieces assorted

  • 1 x small point  
  • 1 x large point  
  • 1 x small cup.
  • 1 x large cup  
  • 1 x lens