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voco arabesk flow syringe refills

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Arabesk Flow is a flowable light-curing, glass-ceramic micro-hybrid resin-based dental restorative material. It is suited for filling anterior and posterior teeth. Due to its low viscosity Arabesk flow provides good wetting and adaptation to tooth substance. 


  • Filling of small cavities
  • Extended fissure sealing
  • Filling of cavities class III and V
  • Lining, coating of cavities
  • Repairing composite fillings and veneers
  • Luting of full ceramic restorative pieces



  • Fine-flowing with excellent wetting capability
  • Very good aesthetics (chameleon effect)
  • Thixotropic properties
  • High adhesion with Solobond M
  • Precise application
  • Economical
  • Light-cured, microhybrid composite
  • It can be polished to a high gloss
  • Exhibits high durability and color stability
  • Excellent adaptation to tooth substance
  • Arabesk Flow contains 64% inorganic fillers (highly disperse silica, submicron filler particles of 0.7 μm mean grain size - barium/strontium borosilicate)


  • 1 X 3g Syringe