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voco admira fusion composite syringe a2 shade

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Voco Admira Fusion

Admira Fusion is direct restorative that combines nano-hybrid technology and Ormocer technology. It handles similarly to resin composite, yet this all ceramic-based material is completely free of classic monomers. Admira Fusion has a filler content of 84% by weight, flexural strength of 132 MPa, and a compressive strength of 307 MPa. Its depth of cure is 2.7 mm. Admira Fusion is available in 18 shades in three levels of translucency. It is supplied in 3 g syringes and individually packaged 0.2 g capsules. Curing time is 20 seconds for most shades. Admira Fusion is indicated for all classes of direct restorations. Additionally VOCO offers Admira Fusion x-tra, a universal shade, bulk fill material with a 4 mm depth of cure.


  • Ormocer (organically modified ceramic) is a combination of inorganic (ceramic) and organic materials. Unlike conventional polymers, Ormocers have an inorganic backbone based on SiO2 and are functionalized with polymerizable organic units.
  • Silicon oxide forms the chemistry for the fillers and the resin matrix, resulting in the first all ceramic-based restorative material. It contains no classic monomers (BISGMA, UDMA, HEMA, TEGDMA, etc.).


  • Biocompatibility is improved through the absence of traditional monomers and Admira Fusion’s high degree of cross-linking.
  • Low polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress results in a potentially more durable restoration; in addition, color stability and surface hardness are increased.


  • 1 x 3g Syringe