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vita linearguide 3d-master shade guide

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The all-new VITA 3D-Master Linearguide enables the quick determination of precise tooth shades and uses the same scientific principles and 29 shades found in the popular VITA 3D-Master shade guide. The Linearguide features a sleeker, linear design that makes the process of precise shade determination even faster and easier. In two simple steps the final shade is achieved, first by selecting from five value tabs, then by choosing the proper mix of chroma and hue within the selected value range.

Shade taking in two steps:

Step 1:

Remove the VITA Valueguide 3D-MASTER from the top of the Linearguide.Make an initial choice using the Valueguide. In doing so, you determine the correct degree of lightness 0 to 5.

Step 2:

make a detailed choice within the determined degree of lightness from step 1 using the corresponding VITA Chroma/Hueguide.



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