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vishal v-tempfil (temporary filling material) - pack of 3

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Vishal V-Tempfil (Temporary Filling Material) - PACK OF 3


V - Tempfil is ready to use eugenol free with a paste consistency radio - opaque temporary filling material, which cures upon contact with oral fludis. It possesses high adhesive properties and therefore offers best possible closure of  borders and safe obturation of inlaid materials. 


1.Eugenol Free


3.High Adhesion

4.High Strength and hardness

5.Cures upon contact with saliva

6.Offers best possible sealed  borders of cavities

7.Safe of obscuration of  inlaid drugs


1. For Temporary Restoration of Cavities

2. All Temporary fillings

3. Temporary Fixing of Post crowns 


1. Use any suitable instrument to introduce the paste directly in to cavity. 

2. Press and spread with the instrument to fill the cavity and adapt to the cavity walls. 

3. Remove any excess paste by wipping it off with a moist cotton pellet towords the margins of the cavity. 

4. Hardened can be removed with the use of rotary instrument or any suitable hand instrument. 

5. It is advised not to fill very deep cavities up to the base of cavity. 


3 X 40gms jar