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vishal trisol ( formacresol ) - 15 ml

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Size: Vishal Dentocare Trisol


The Formalin Exerts a powerful action on remining organic materials. The Trisol acts efficiently and also reduces any irritation that could be caused by the formalin. Tricersol is more powerful and effective as compared to plain cresol. The overall effect of Trisol is longer than plain Forma-Cresol.


  • Strong antibacterial properties make it efficient in vital pulpotomy
  • Effective in treatment of severely infected root canals
  • No irritation to soft tissues


  • Tricersol & Formalin


  • Treatment of Severely infected root canals
  • Effective pulp devitalizer and disinfectant
  • Root canal dressing
  • Treatment of 4th degree caries, specially when fistula have been developed.


  • 2 x 15ml Bottle