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vishal dentocatre endoclean (power) edta

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Description :-

Endoclean is an effective EDTA, water soluable, viscous cream for chelalting lubricating, debrising and prepations of root canal. EDTA is bio - friendly material and helps bio - mechanical process by chelating with dentin. Stable formulation will not dry or thicken. Consistency is adjusted, which is easy to dispense and take in the canal with instrument.

Indications : 

  • Irrigation and chelating agent in root canal treatment
  • Detection of root canal orifice
  • Chemical enlargement of root canals during preparation for filling

    Features :-

    • Solution and neutral pH cleanses root canals rapidly
    • Helpful in enlarging of canals
    • Opens calcified canals
    • Removes inorganic substances like dentinal chips by chelation of calcium ions.
    • Effective in the removal of the smear layer & unplugging of dentinal tubules