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vishal dentocare v ‐ pulp cure

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Rs. 510.00
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Size: Vishal Dentocare V ‐ Pulp Cure


V-PULP CURE should be used when a preparation which does not contain Arsenic is preferred. The active ingredient is Paraformaldehyde, a coagulant which acts on albumin and confers the required fibrous consistency to the pulp to facilitate its subsequent extirpation. Lidocaine Hydrochloride is an anaesthetic to relieve pain and calm irritation. Phenol also present in the formula, intensifies the hardening effect of Paraformaldehyde and furthermore, it increases the antiseptic effect of the preparation.

Indications :

  • Ideal for pulp devitalisation prior to mortal extirpation or amputation
  • Residual devitalisation after removal of non-vital pulp tissues.
  • Relieve pain and calm irritation during pulp devitalisation 


  • Aresnic free
  • Antibacterial
  • Disinfection
  • Relieves pulp inflammation
  • Relieves Pain and irritation quickly
  • Cost effective
  • No Steroids 


Composition :

  • Paraformaldehyde
  • Phenol
  • Lidocaine Hydrochloride
  • Excipients


  • 1 x 9gm Jar


Eliminate, as far as possible, the dentine of the decayed cavity in order to ensure close contact with the pulp.

Close contact of the paste with the pulp accelerates the devitalizing process

Insert a small quantity of paste into the base of the cavity and seal hermetically with a temporary cement

Devitalization is completed within about seven  to ten days

After devitalization, a permanent root –canal filling can be placed once the pulp is totally removed and no pain.