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vishal dentocare v - file cream

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Size: Vishal Dentocare V - File Cream


V - File Cream is an effective EDTA, water soluable, Viscous cream for chelalting,  lubricating,debrising and prepations of root canal. EDTA is bio - friendly material and helps bio - mechanical process by chelating with dentin. Stable formulation will not dry or thicken. Consistency is adjusted, which is easy to dispense and take in the canal with instrument. 

Indications : 

  • Chemical Reaming of Root-Canal
  • For cleaning
  • For lubricating
  • For irrigating
  • Helps decalcify dentin in the canal wall


  • Helps in mechanical as well as chemical cleansing of root canal preparation
  • EDTA helps in chelating the calcium salts
  • Gel helps lubricate endodontic instrument and makes penetration easier
  • Disinfects the Root canal
  • Urea Peroxide in EDTA promotes internal bleaching on irrigation with hypochlorite solution
  • Prevents breakdown of files 


Composition : 

  • 17% EDTA
  • 10% Urea Peroxide
  • Cream base


  • 1 x 40gm Jar


Materials delivered into the canal with a file can be wiped off from the canal walls, preventing the material from reaching, where it is not needed. Rinse and clean with chlorhexidine Gluconate solution or sodium Hypochlorite.