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vishal dentocare v ‐cal ‐h‐i

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Size: Vishal Dentocare V ‐CAL ‐H‐I ( pack of 5 )


Vishal Dentocare's V-Cal-H-I is a paste of calcium Hydroxide, in ready to use paste. Calcium Hydroxide has been proved as one of the most effcient material for various applications in dentistry. 

V-Cal-H-I is highly alkaline water - soluble paste, which can be easily cleaned and removed from canal whenever required.

Iodoform is most powerful Bactericidal. Best for the treatment of infection in the canal. 

Indications : 

  • Pulp Sealing
  • Temporary root canal Fillings
  • Intermediate intra-Canal treatment and dressing


  • Radiopaque
  • High pH Value
  • Water soluble Based
  • Contains Iodoform – Universal Powerful antibacterial.
  • Stimulates hard tissue formation
  • Promotes apexification and apexogenesis


Composition : Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform and Barium Sulphate Paste


  • 1 x 2gm Non Dripping Special Syringe


  • After Preparation of Root Canal, Cleaning and Drying, Push the paste into the canal. 
  • Remove excess paste with cotton swab and seal off with cement. As calcium hydroxide is a restorable material if any periapical extrusion has happened, the same should not give any probelm.