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vishal dentocare endoclean (edta)

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Size: vishal dentocare endoclean (edta) 20ml

Description :-

Endoclean is an effective EDTA, water soluable, viscous cream for chelalting lubricating, debrising and prepations of root canal. EDTA is bio - friendly material and helps bio - mechanical process by chelating with dentin. Stable formulation will not dry or thicken. Consistency is adjusted, which is easy to dispense and take in the canal with instrument.

Direction to use :- 

  • Materials delivered into the canal with a file can be wiped off from the canal walls, preventing the material from reaching, where it is not needed.

 Packaging :- 

Vishal Dentocare Endoclean 20ml

  • 1 x 20ml 
  • 1x 100ml