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vishal dentocare apiseal mta

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Size: Vishal Dentocare Apiseal MTA

Vishal Dentocare Apiseal MTA

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate - Advanced Root Therapy Material


Apiseal MTA is specialized cement for cavity lining, Cavity base, Pulp capping, Pulpotomies, Root Canal Sealing & Apexification. 

  • Closure of perforation in root canal or perforation area.
  • External or internal perforating root resorption treatment.
  • Retrograde root canal filling ( under root tip resection ).
  • Preservation of pulp vitality ( direct pulp capping, covering of pulp wounds after partial or total pulp amputation ).
  • Apexification with Apiseal MTA :


  • Ions Calcium Release : Enhances formation of mineralized tissues provides biological seal of perforations and total repair of damaged periradicular tissues.
  • Biological Action : Capable of inducing neoformation of periradicular cement.
  • Easy to use : Does not lose properties due to moisture of oral tissues.
  • High Alkalinity : Bactericidal, after mixing pH value is 1 and becomes 12 within 3 hours.
  • Low solubility : Does not disintegrate
  • Biocompatible to oral tissues : Low inflammatory response.
  • Adequate compressive strength : Can be used as a base restoration material.
  • More Radiopaque than dentin and bone : Easy radiograph visibility.


Apiseal Mta:

  • 1 x 1g Powder Bottle
  • 1 x 2ml Liquid Bottle


  • Place on the mixing plate, the required amount of MTA powder from the vial and 1-2 drops of MTA liquid from bottle
  • Mix them within 30 sec to obtain consistency of the wet sand. If the consistency of the mixture is too dense or crumbly then it is necessary to add another drop of liquid ( or distilled water ).
  • Insert the preparation into the selected field by means of the amalgam carrier or absorbent paper point moistened with distilled water.
  • When mixed to MTA Liquid ( or distilled water ) the prepared dose should be used within next 10 minutes.