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Ultradent Uveneer Kit

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Ultradent Uveneer Kit

Description :-

The original Uveneer template kit has everything you need to create a highly esthetic restoration with a perfect finish on both uppers and lowers. The templates help make procedures quick, cost effective, and minimally invasive.

Templates from the original kit were designed to create beautiful, symmetrical smiles. The templates create a blank canvas for the dentist to add custom contours and anatomy to fit each patient’s needs.

  • Creates predictable, reproducible, natural-looking composite restorations
  • Prevents the oxygen inhibition layer during curing, resulting in a hard, glossy surface
  • Allows light to pass through the template to the composite for effective curing
  • Works with any preferred composite

Packaging :-

16 x Medium upper and lower arch templates,
16 x Large upper and lower arch templates