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ultradent porcelain Etch Single Kit

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Viscous, Buffered 9% Hydrofluoric Acid:

  • Porcelain Etch is a buffered, gelled hydraulic acid designed specifically to etch fractured dental porcelain and etching porcelain veneers, crowns, or inlays. It can also be used for etching porcelain crowns before bonding orthodontic brackets. It is buffered and gelled to minimize any irritation that could occur from the hydrofluoric acid vapor.

Etch is Easy to Control and Place:

  • ​Porcelain Etch features a high visibility yellow hue so you can see exactly where it is placed. It is also viscous enough to stay where you place it.

Designed to Work Together:

  • ​Porcelain Etch and Silane are designed to be used together when etching porcelain to provide high porcelain-to-resin bond strengths. When used with a high-quality bonding resin, Porcelain Etch and Silane can produce one of the highest porcelain-to-resin bond strengths compared to other porcelain bonding products

Packaging :-

1 x 1.2 ml (1.33 g) Porcelain Etch