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Ultradent OpalDam Green Single Kit

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Easy to Place

​OpalDam and OpalDam Green are easily expressed directly where they’re needed in the mouth via the simple syringe-and-tip delivery.

Easy to Remove

​OpalDam and OpalDam Green remove easily from the mouth. Simply use an explorer or other instrument to cleanly break the cured resin from undercuts and discard.

Perfect for In-Office Whitening Procedures:

​When whitening agents with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are used, they can irritate the gingiva. Expressing a ribbon of OpalDam or OpalDam Green along the gingival margin protects the soft tissues, keeping them comfortable during treatment.


OpalDam Green methacrylate-based resin barrier is used to isolate tissue during in-office tooth whitening procedures. The green color is easy to see against gingiva and teeth, resulting in a complete barrier. OpalDam Green resin barrier is easy to apply and remove and has been specifically designed to easily break from undercuts during removal.


  • For single tooth bleaching, OpalDam should be used to protect adjacent teeth.
  • OpalDam is light-cured and light-reflecting to keep heat away from the tissues. A few seconds of light curing (10–20 sec) per tooth are sufficient. Thoroughly dry the gingiva prior to applying OpalDam.
  • OpalDam can also be used to protect hard and soft tissues in procedures such as sandblasting or etching with strong acids (e. g., porcelain repair procedure). It may also be used to seal/fix a rubber dam


Seal Matrices into Place:

  • ​When a matrix doesn’t fit well around a severely compromised tooth, use OpalDam Green to hold the matrix in placeopal22.jpg (1200×900)


Ultradent OpalDam Green Refill 1PK:

  • 1 x 1.2 ml (1.34 g) OpalDam Green; 10 x Delivery Tips