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Ultradent Enamelast Unit -Dose Kit

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Size: Enamelast Single Kit pack 1

Ultradent Enamelast Unit -Dose Kit

Description :-

The Ultradent Enamelast Unit-Dose Kit is a dental product designed to provide effective relief for tooth hypersensitivity. It is a fluoride varnish that comes in a convenient, single-use blister pack, making it easy to apply and ensuring hygienic usage for each patient. Enamelast boasts a unique formula featuring a patented adhesion-promoting agent, enabling enhanced retention, superior fluoride release, and uptake.

  • Advanced Formulation with 5% Sodium Fluoride in a Resin Carrier
  • Unique Patented Adhesion-Promoting Agent for Enhanced Retention
  • Smooth, Non-Gritty Texture for Comfortable Application
  • Nearly Invisible Appearance for Discreet Use

Packaging :-

1 x  1. 2 ml 

5 x 0.4 ml