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pyrax temporary filling paste - temp paste (non eugenol) - 25 gms

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Size: PYRAX Temporary Filling Paste - Temp Paste (Non Eugenol) - 25 gms (Pack of 2 (105 per pcs))

Product Detail

Temp Paste is a provisional filling material having paste consistency, radiopaque, which cures upon contact with oral fluids. It possesses high adhesive properties and therefore offers best possible closures of boarders and safe obturation of inlaid drugs.


Recommended for temporary restoration of cavities in the interval between tooth preparation and also permanent cementation of completed inlays and as a cementing medium for all types of temporary crowns.


Temp Paste contains Zinc oxide, calcium sulphate, plasticizers, resins, peppermint oil and excipients.


1 X 25 gms jar

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of Manufacturing.