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ss white the master's kit

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The selection of burs and diamond points is most vital for tooth preparations.With the SS White Master's Kit it is no more complex to understand when,where and what size,grit and shape of burs to use.


Cavity Preparation kit besides having high quality preparation burs,also has a special wheel bur for conservative preparation specially in class V cavities.Also,since its not advisable to remove infected dentine with airotar diamond points,slow speed carbide burs are provided in kit.   Crown nad Bridge Preparation kit is unique assortment of high quality diamond points with right size and shape fpr crown and laminate preparation.         Finishing and Polishing Kit has sequential diamonds/carbides and diamond impregnated cups & cone polisher to ensure step by step finishing and polishing of a restoration.                              


Cavity Preparation Kit,Crown and Bridge/Laminate Preparation kit,Finishing and Polishing Kit