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ss white great white ultra crown prep burs(pk of 10)

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Experience the first carbide bur to combine a fast and smooth alternative to diamonds for crown and bridge preparations.Geometric specifications have been designed into the Great White™ Ultra to produce a sharp, clean cutting tip which will produce an impression ready margin finish line.Ultra’s thick neck is designed to eliminate breakage and decrease vibration which will increase precision and comfort for the clinician as well as to the patient .


• Ultra round tip allows for clean, smooth finish line during crown preparations.
• Ultra blade geometry results in one of the fastest cutting instruments ever developed.
• Ultra thick neck results in unmatched strength…eliminates breakage concerns.
• Ultra quickly cuts enamel or metal. Faster and smoother cutting will save you chair time. The
clean, smooth finish line provides for excellent marginal integrity.


856 Series Chamfer Preparation-Designed to create a rounded axial-gingival line angle for metal to ceramic restorations.847 Series  Shoulder Preparation-Designed to develop a 90° axial-gingival line angle suitable for anterior all ceramic and PFM restorations.