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ss white finishing carbide burs-12 blades

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12 blade trimming and finishing burs-
Bulk reduction phase of composite finishing with little effort
Ideal to trim and shape composite, gold and silver amalgam providing a smooth surface, free of surface irregularities


The working head is made of fine grain tungsten carbide to yield sharper, more precise blades
An instrument that stays sharp, even as it wear.
Stainless steel shanks.
Resists corrosion.
Concentric shank.
Cuts smooth.
Less vibration.


Round finishing Bur -Finishing of occlusal composite, silver amalgam and gold restorations.
Root planning.
Smooth bone in alveolplasty.
Composite Facial Trimming -Trimming and finishing of facial composite restorations.
Remove residual bonding material after removing orthodontic brackets.