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ss white express line kit

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SS White® has applied its 75 years of experience in rotary cutting instruments to bring new, uniquely designed metal finishing burs to the dental laboratory - specifically designed and conveniently packaged to be used with an improved metal finishing technique. SS White® friction grip dental laboratory burs, used with the High-Speed Metal Finishing Technique described below, are designed to decrease metal finishing time substantially, while reducing the associated physical stress in the process.


Save time.
Save money.
Reduce hand fatigue.
Reduce heat buildup.
Increase bond strength.


High Speed Lab Metal Finishing Burs.EL1 SS White cross-cut, large tapered cylinder, round-tip bur.
EL2 SS White cross-cut large bud-shaped bur.EL3 SS White cross-cut, thin cylinder, round-tip bur.
EL4 SS White cross-cut round bur.
EL5 SS White multi-fluted, cylinder, round-tip bur.
FG7006 SS White multi-fluted, round finishing bur.