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Dr Reddy Senquel F Tooth Paste for strong teeth

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Size: Senquel F Tooth Paste for strong teeth 50gm

Dr Reddy Senquel F Tooth Paste for strong teeth

Description :-

Senquel Senquel-F Foaming Medicated Oral Gel is a medicated gel used for dental care. It contains potassium nitrate and triclosan, which effectively manage dental problems such as tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, and bacterial cavities. It is used as an alternative to traditional toothpaste and is gentle on the teeth and gums.

  • Senquel-F is effective in managing dental hypersensitivity which is characterized by sharp pain due to hot, cold or sweet food and beverages
  • It contains Triclosan, which is effective in reducing the risk of bacterial cavities
  • Senquel-F contains active ingredients that help in killing odour-causing bacteria, thereby preventing bad breath
  • The gel provides relief from toothache, especially in sensitive teeth

Packaging :-

1 unit 50gm 
1 unit 100gm