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sdi wave

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Size: Sdi Wave Flowable Composite A1

Fluoride releasing flowable composite.A flowable for all your clinical situations


• A choice of 3 viscosities-wave,wave mv,wave hv.Wave, Wave MV and Wave HV contain specially treated nano-fillers to maximize polishability, wear resistance and strength. Ease of extrusion is improved with the addition of these specially treated nano-fillers.

For use in just about every restoration
• Class V restorations
• Tunnel / air abrasion preparations
• Pit and fissure sealants
• Minimal Class I, II, III, IV restorations
• Radiopaque cavity liners
• Cervical abrasion/erosion lesions
• Abfraction lesions
• Implant seals
• Incisal abrasions
• Repair enamel defects
• Minor core build-ups
• Temporary crowns
• Splint mobile teeth
• Restorations in deciduous teeth
• Repair porcelain restorations
• Block out undercuts in inlay/onlay/crown preparations
• Cover stains
• Adhering tooth jewelry
• Ceramic inserts