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Sanctuary Rubber Dam Sheet 6x6

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Sanctuary Rubber Dam Sheet 6x6

The Sanctuary Rubber Dam Sheet 6x6 (Green Mint) is a dental product designed for use in dental procedures that require isolation of the treatment area. Rubber dam sheets are commonly used in dentistry to create a dry and clean working environment during various dental procedures, such as restorative treatments, endodontic procedures (root canals), and certain surgeries.


  • It is used mainly in endodontics fixed prosthodontics (crowns, bridges), and general restorative treatments.
  • Its purpose is to prevent saliva from interfering with the dental work (e.g. contamination of oral micro-organisms during root canal therapy.
  • Used to keep filling materials such as composite dry during placement and curing.
  • Used to prevent instruments and materials from being inhaled, swallowed or damaging the mouth.


  • Size: The rubber dam sheet is 6x6 inches in size, providing adequate coverage for most dental procedures and allowing isolation of multiple teeth if necessary.
  • Material: Made from high-quality rubber material, which is durable, tear-resistant, and flexible, providing an effective barrier for isolation during dental treatments.
  • Color: The rubber dam sheet is "Green Mint" in color, which may be visually appealing and help distinguish it from other dental materials during procedures.
  • Hole Punching: The sheet comes with pre-punched holes that align with the teeth to be treated, allowing for easy attachment to the dental dam clamp.
  • Latex-Free Option: Some rubber dam sheets are available in latex-free versions, accommodating patients with latex allergies or sensitivities.
  • Comfort: The rubber material is comfortable for patients and does not cause irritation during use.
  • Secure Placement: The rubber dam sheet, when correctly attached to the dental dam clamp, stays in place securely throughout the dental procedure, ensuring effective isolation.
  • Easy Removal: The rubber dam sheet can be easily removed at the end of the procedure without causing damage to restorations or dental work.
  • Disposable: The rubber dam sheet is disposable for single use, offering convenience and hygiene, or reusable after proper sterilization, providing cost-effectiveness.
  • Improved Infection Control: By isolating the treatment area, the rubber dam sheet helps maintain a clean and dry environment, reducing the risk of contamination and improving infection control.
  • Versatility: The rubber dam sheet can be used for various dental procedures, including restorative treatments, endodontic procedures, and certain surgeries.
  • Compatibility with Dental Clamps: The pre-punched holes are designed to fit different dental arches and align with various dental dam clamps.
  • Packaging: The rubber dam sheet is usually individually packaged to maintain sterility and hygiene.


  • Type: Rubber Dam Sheet
  • Category: Endodontics
  • Size : 6” x 6”(152mm x 152mm)


  • Pack of 36 pieces