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samit x-ray fixer powder (pack of 3)

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It is a high speed acid Fixer with Hardner specifically recommended for X-ray films.



  • Sodium/ammonium thiosulfate (fixing agent)
  • potassium alum (hardener) 
  • Sulfuric/acetic acid (Acidifier)



Indicated for fixation of the radiographic image on x-ray film



  • Easy manipulation
  • Fast fixing of the image
  • Cost effective
  • Good amoount of solution (1ltr)

Note: In fresh solution fixing time is 3 min do not fix for more than 10 min. Prolonged fixing may have bleaching effect on the silver.


Caution: Use of rubber hand gloves or frequent rinsing of hands is recommended.


  • 260 Grams Fixer Powder
  • Take 750ml water at 30° to 40° C in a glass or plastic vessel.
  • Add the chemical of larger packet in it and stir well.
  • Add the chemical of smaller packet to dissolve it completely.
  • Add 250ml water (30° to 40° C) to make the solution 1 litre.
  • Now fixer is ready.