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samit x-ray developer liquid

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    • High Contrast Developer solution
    • Available to use diractly
    • Optimum temperature (20-22 oC) is required for developing.
      • if low temperature: increase the developing time to obtain a proper image
      • if high temperature: reduce the developing time
    • It is a High Contrast Developer liquid solution, specifically recommended for X-ray films in conventional radiography



      • Hydroquinone +Metol or phenidone (Developer) 
      • Alkali (to maintain the pH at 10-11)
      • Sodium sulfite (preservative)
      • Potassium bromide (restrainer)



      Indicated for devloping X-ray films (in darkroom)



      • Used directly, no dilution of the solution needed.
      • Uncomplicated procedure, No extra equipment for mixing required.


  •  500 ml of Developer Liquid