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samit acrylic trimmer

Original price Rs. 160.00 - Original price Rs. 340.00
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Rs. 320.00
Rs. 160.00 - Rs. 340.00
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Size: Samit Acrylic Trimmer-S1-Pink ( pack of 2 )
  • It is used to finish acrylic dentures for smooth & fast cutting.
  • Durable & premium quality burs.
    • Samit acrylic trimmer is instruments that have above average concentricity, outstanding efficiency and long endurance.
    • They are made of high-density fine grain material and are characterized by their practical dimensions.



    For Trimming and Finishing 

    • 1.Denture bases
    • 2.RPDs
    • 3.Custom Trays/Special Trays


           1 PCS