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safe endo recreate lc

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Size: SAFE ENDO ReCreate LC -A1


Universal restorative material ReCreateLC is a nano-hybrid radiopaque light-cured composite which can be easily shaped, does not stick to the instrument, cured under 400-500 nm wavelengths light and polished to a "dry" shine.

Material ReCreateLC has fluorescence, color stability and radiopacity.
In order to simulate dental tissues, material is produced in a wide range of VITA shades and has three levels of opacity.

Universal light-curing restorative composite ReCreateLC is intended for use in aggressive biological medium at a temperature range from 32°C to 42°C (in oral cavity at the temperature of (37±1 )°C and humidity of 60-90 %).


  • Restoration of all cavity classes according to Black
  • Core Build-ups
  • Splinting
  • Correction of composite restorations
  • Fabrication of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers).


  • Apply carefully to patients with allergy to methacrylates.

Time of curing and thickness of the layer is determined by transparency of material :

Material transparency Material layer thickness, mm Photopolymerization times - For LED lamps (1000-2000 mW/cm2) Photopolymerization times - For halogen lamps (500-1000 mW/cm2)
transparent shade - (TC) 2.0 10 20

universal shades

dentine-opaque shades (O)

1.5 20 40



  • Excellent polishing
  • Does not stick to instrument
  • Keeps stable at modeling
  • Excellent radiopacity
  • Fluorescence
  • High surface hardness
  • High pressure resistance
  • Higher filler content and lower polymerization shrinkage.
  • Superior handling and easy to apply

Key Specification

Shades :

Universal shades - A1 A2 A3 A3.5 A4 B1 B2

Dentine-opaque shades (O) - OA2 OA3

Transparent shades - Incisal (clear) (TC)


  • Dimethacrylate oligomers (TEGDMA, UDMA, bis-EMA)
  • Combined radiopaque filler from modified aluminosilicate glass (0.02-2.0 urn)
  • Nanosized particles of silicon oxide (5-20 nm)
  • The proportion of inorganic filler is approximately 80%

Physical Properties :

Compressive Strength MPa 390
Flexural Strength MPa 130
Flexural Modulus GPa 9.5
Diamtetral Tensile Strength MPa 65
Water Absorptiion μg/mm³ 3.5
Solubility μg/mm³


Volumetric Shrinkage % 1.8
Radio-opacity mm Al 3.5



  • 1 x ReCreate LC 4.5gm

Direction to Use

Before restoration, dental tissues should be cleaned with non-fluoride paste.

Selection of shade
When selecting the shade of restoration material, the surface of restored tooth should be cleaned and moisturized. The intensity of the color of restorative material depends on its thickness. To test the material of selected shade apply it on untreated surface of the tooth. Estimate the compliance of the shade with tooth colour under different lights, then remove material from the surface of the tooth.

To ensure good adhesion of material, tooth surface must be thoroughly dried and prepared. For isolation can be used rubber dam or cotton rolls and saliva ejector.

Cavity preparation
Cavity is prepared according to the general rules of adhesive technology. It is necessary
to round the corners, appeared during preparation. In case of deep cavity, for pulp capping apply calcium hydroxide material and isolate it with glass ionomer cement.

Adhesive application
Prepared tooth surface should be treated with etching gel based on 37 % phosphoric acid. Gel is applied first on the enamel surface, and after 5-10 seconds on the dentin surface. In 15-20 seconds gel should be washed out with water. Dry the surface with compressed air. In case of saliva contact with etching gel or dried tooth surface, repeat etching procedure, then rinse and dry the surface.

Bonding agent ReCreate Bond 5 / ReCreate Bond 7 is applied with 2-3 coats on the prepared surface of the tooth by gently rubbing for 15 seconds. Then gently dry adhesive with air for 5-10 seconds for solvents evaporation. Do photopolymerization with 400-500 nm wavelengths light for 20 seconds.

Application of composite and curing
Composite material ReCreateLC should be applied and cured layer by layer to reduce shrinkage of the material.