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safe endo epoxyseal

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SafeEndo EpoxySeal is a resin based root canal sealer which is a paste-paste type of dual syringe.
It has a outstanding chemical and physical property including extremely excellent sealing property and biocompatobility.

Mixing of white and gray pastes, in equal proportions, forms plastic paste with film width
of 5-10µm which produces a root canal filling material of excellent sealing capacity. As a result of its close adaptation to the root canal walls and its very small contraction during setting, it allows tightly sealing root canal obturation of excellent tissue compatibility.

At room temperature 20-23°C paste keeps its plasticity during 4 hours. Paste hardens in root canal within 24 hours and forms bioinert amino resin with good adhesion and low solubility. Overfilling material in apex area will not lead to any complications.

Indications :

  • Permanent obturation of root canals of teeth of the secondary dentition.

Advantages :

  • Excellent flow properties
  • Long lifespan of filling
  • Reliable sealing
  • Does not contain urotropin
  • Does not bring pain on after filling


  • Resin-based, non-acrylic, eugenol-free sealer.
  • Excellent radiopacity.
  • Suitable for all obturation techniques.
  • Outstanding dimensional stability and low solubility for a durable, safe seal
  • Excellent flow characteristics to flow into and seal lateral canals
  • Thermoplastic ability makes it easy to remove


Composition :-

  • Epoxy resin
  • Amine hardening agents
  • Zirconium oxide
  • Filling component
  • Plasticizing agent

Storage :-

  • Store at the temperature from 5°C to 25°C
  • Tightly close container immediately after use.


  • 1 x EpoxySeal White Paste Tube, 5 ml
  • 1 x EpoxySeal Gray Paste Tube, 5 ml
  • 1 x Mixing Pad


  • Attention! Storing of material at the temperature lower than 20°C can be the reason of white paste thickening (caused by viscosity growth in epoxy resin).
  • Mix white and gray pastes on glass plate or mixing pad with dry clean spatula at the weight ratio 1:1 till homogeneous consistency and color.
  • Attention! Do not press too hard when closing the tube. Clean tube nozzle before closing.
  • Tightly close the tubes without changing of caps: close gray tube with orange cap and white tube with white cap.
  • Noncompliance of recommendations leads to pastes hardening in tubes and insufficiency in application.
  • Insert the paste into sterile and dried canal with small portions using root needle or root canal filling instrument.
  • Inserting and removing of paste with root canal filling instrument should be performed at low speed of rotation to avoid air bubbles in material.
  • During filling with gutta-percha points, insert small amount of material into the canal and seal with points doped in paste. For condensation and obturation with hot gutta-percha it is recommended to use small amount of sealer for covering only the walls of canal.
  • After filling of the canal make isolation and tooth crown restoration.
    Attention! Clean the instruments and mixing pad with solvents after work (alcohol, acetate, chloroform).