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safe endo bioactive rcs

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SafeEndo BioActive RCS is a bioactive mineral root canal sealer based on innovative mineral micro-aggregate chemistry “Active Biosilicate Technology” that offers.

Advantages :-

  • Biocompatibility: high mineral purity and monomer free formulation reducing the risk of adverse tissue reaction.
  • Bioactive properties: hydroxyapatite formation at the tooth-sealer interface and mineralization of dentinal structure.
  • Alkaline pH.
  • Sealing properties: crystallization of the material inside the dentin tubules creating a tight seal.
  • Retreatable : if a retreatment is needed, BioActive RCS can be easily removed from the root canal.

Indications :-

Permanent root canal filling in combination with gutta-percha points in vital or necrotic pulp cases or after a retreatment procedure. BioActive RCS is suitable for use in single cone technique or cold lateral condensation.

Important :-

  • BioActive RCS does not suffer setting contraction;
  • BioActive RCS can be used, in addition to conventional techniques, in singlecone technique and thermoplastic filling;
  • Use conventional gutta removal techniques.


  • Less toxic than ZOE sealer.
  • Produces rapid healing
  • Inhibit root resorption subsequent to trauma.
  • Prevent leakage.
  • Induce Apical closure via Cementogenesis.
  • Inhibit osteoclast activity via an alkaline pH.



  • Calcium Silicates,
  • Calcium Aluminate
  • Calcium Hydroxide
  • Zirconium Oxide
  • Dispersing Agent.


  • Biocompatible Product ready for use;
  • Setting time: 4.5 hours after insertion into the canal, according to ISO 6876
  • Important: Dry with paper cones, but without excessively drying the canal; the moisture from the dentin tubules will initiate the material’s setting reaction
  • Antibacterial and bacteriostatic due to its high alkalinity – pH:12.5
  • High radiopacity : 8 mm of aluminum scale, according to the ISO 6876 standard
  • Does not suffer setting contraction
  • It can be used, in addition to conventional techniques, in single-cone techniques and thermoplastic filling


  • 1 x BioActive RCS 3gm



  1. Anesthetize, install absolute isolation and then perform the biomechanical preparation of root canal
  2. Remove the sealing tip and attach the applicator tip on the syringe
  3. Dry the canal only with absorbent paper cones without causing excessive dryness
  4. Apply BioActive RCS in the apical third of the canal directly with the syringe
  5. Insert the gutta percha cone in the canal according to the last file used covered with BioActive RCS
  6. X-ray for checking the correct filling of the canal
  7. Cut the cone at the desired height with heated instruments followed by vertical compression
  8. Remove, with water, excessive material from the canal walls, perform crown sealing and restoration.