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pyrax dental calcium hydroxide 15 gm cavipack

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Rs. 200.00
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Size: Pyrax Dental Calcium Hydroxide 15 gm Cavipack (Pack of 4(50 per pcs))

Bactericidal calcium hydroxide powder for use in root canal therapy. Fast and simple relines and repairs

Provides bactericidal effect on carious dentine.
Paste delivered to root apex provides pulp insulation.
Protects the vital pulp from infections and further decay.
Can be easily removed from root canal by simple irrigation.


  • Ideal for temporary root filling
  • Pulp capping
  • Pulp protection
  • Provides insulation in deep cavities.


Calcium Hydroxide powder 


3 x 15 gm bottle , 5 x 15 gm bottle , 

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of Manufacturing.