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pyrax dental base plate (9 upper + 3 lower)

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Size: PYRAX Dental Base Plate (9 Upper + 3 Lower) (Pack of 2 (160 Per Pcs))

Product Description:-

Product Description: –  Base Plates are with optimum thickness for high mechanical strength. They are easy to manipulate with shape stability after cooling down and with no adhesion to model material or cast. Base Plates are ready to use Maxillary & Mandibular plates.

Composition :- Base Plates

Contain : Shellac, Stearin, Talcum, Mica.

Colour :- Light Brown / Dark Brown

Indications : –

♦ Individual custom impression trays.

♦ Making denture : Base material for bite impressions and tooth line ups.

♦ Modelling works.

Properties & Advantage:-

They are ready to use Maxillary & Mandibular plates – 9 Upper & 3 Lower. Optimum heat resistance to minimize overheating of the Plate. Easily adaptable on heating and easy to work with. Retain the shape stability and do not warp back on cooling. Optimum mechanical strength to resist breaking during Try-in denture. Does not adhere to plaster. Instruction for Use : Place the base plate on a gypsum model and heat it with laboratory burner Flame. Soften the base plate with a fanned Flame and press onto the plaster cast with your Fingers. When heat through enough, the plate adheres to the gypsum model. Final adaption can be carried out e.g., using a wet wiping cloth. After adaption cut the excessive parts of the plate with a hot modelling knife.

Storage Conditions :- Store in a cool and dry environment between 10°C to 30°C.

Shelf Life :– 3 years from date of Manufacture.