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prime dental templute - eugenol free temp luting cement

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Templute is a eugenol free temporary luting cement, which is easy to work with. It is to be used for temporary cementation of crowns, bridges and permanent inlays. It could also be used above medicinal material in cavity. This material shall not retard or hamper setting of composite filling or bonding materials. It is stored in cool dark place and kept away from direct flame.

Key Specification:-

  •  Eugenol free temporary luting cement
  •  Easy to work with
  •  Used for temporary cementation


  • Temporary luting for C & B.
  • Two paste system.
  • Eugenol free.
  • Shall not retard any bonding agent.
  • C & B can be removed easily.


  • Temporary cementation of crowns, bridges & inlays.
  • Temporary filling over medicinal agents.


  • PRIME DENTALS TEMPLUTE is to be used at temperature approx. 25C, Lower temperature would retard setting and higher would shorten working time. Cooling of glass slab shall offer more working time, the same can be achieved very easily by spraying PRIME DENTALS RC ICE on glass slab. Product is balanced to work at equal volume of the paste extruded on mixing pad or glass slab. Both paste are mixed with clean and dry cement spatula (plastic or stainless steel), for 30 seconds, moving in circular motion to achieve homogeneous consistency. Apply thin layer of mixed mass inside temporary crown or bridge and seat in place with gentle pressure. For cementing inlay small amount of mixed mass can be placed in cavity also. It is desirable to clean & dry tooth surface before cementation. Wet tooth surface shall reduce effect of luting. It offers working time of 3 minutes after mixing and initial setting is completed remove excess cement with help of sharp instrument like explorer of stickle scaler.