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prima dental predator zirconia cutting bur 856

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  • The Predator Zirconia Diamonds can be used for cutting, removing or adjustment of, not only all-ceramic material, but also a wide range of other prosthetic materials with exceptional cutting efficiency.
  • Zirconia is gaining increasing popularity as a crown restorative material because of its superior strength and excellent esthetics.
  • Until now, cutting, trimming, or adjusting sintered Zirconia has been an unpredictable and time-consuming task.
  • Now, Predator Zirconia provides maximum cutting efficiency and effortless access through the tough Zirconia for both endodontic treatment and crown removal.
  • Superior penetration, low vibration and smooth finish on Zirconia.
  • Significant reduction in friction and heat build up, protecting against microfractures.
  • Applications include crown removal, endodontic access.
  • Dimensions: 11x11x11cm


  • Pack of 1