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prevest mta plus

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Size: Prevest Mta Plus trial pack- 1gm

MTA Plus is a specialized dental cement based on Di and Tri-Calcium Silicate, derived from advanced material research in inorganic hydraulic powder technology. MTA Plus is indicated for both vital pulp therapy and Endodontics procedures.

INDICATIONS:Dental procedures contacting vital pulp tissue such as:

  • Pulp capping
  • Cavity lining
  • Pulpotomies

Dental procedures contacting the periradicular tissues such as:

  • Root-end fillings
  • Apexification
  • Perforation repair
  • Root resorption
  • Sealing
  • Obturation (pulpectomy)


  • Hypersensitivity against caustic (high pH) solutions.


  • AVOID contact of unset mixed paste with skin or oral mucosa. After incidental contact, wash and rinse with water.
  • Wear suitable gloves and protective glasses during use.
  • MTA Plus™ powder and gel must be kept well sealed.
  • PROTECT the powder from humidity. Close the container.
  • DO NOT contaminate the powder with an unclean or moist instrument.
  • DO NOT overfill the root canals when obturating or sealing.


  • Reversible acute inflammation of the oral mucosa if contacted with the unset paste.


  • None known.


  • Store at room temperature (25°C/75°F); do not refrigerate. Keep bottles tightly closed. Moisture will reduce the shelf life of the powder.



Dosage and Mixing:

  • Dispense 1 scoop of MTA Plus™ powder on a glass slab or a non-absorbent pad.
  • Dispense one small drop of MTA Plus Gel, OR some of the MTA Plus Liquid from 1 ampoule next to the powder. NOTE: The gel imparts washout resistance (for easier rinsing) and faster setting, which the Liquid does not. NOTE: MTA Plus Liquid ampoules are larger than unit-dose size.
  • Gradually mix the liquid or gel into the powder until the desired putty-like consistency is obtained. For some procedures, a thinner, syrupy, stringy consistency may be desired. Thoroughly mix to hydrate the powder.
  • If the material is not to be used immediately, cover the mixed material with a moist gauze sponge (use sterile water), or a clean cover to prevent evaporation. Extra gel or MTA Plus liquid may be used to rewet the powder before it sets.