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prevest denpro crysta silver

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Crysta Silver is PRE MIXED radiopaque, silver alloy Glass Ionomer
Cement for restoration of primary teeth, core build-up, restoration of class I, limited class II cavities, and as a base and liner material. Crysta silver which is reinforced with spherical silver alloy has high compressive strength, excellent tooth adhesion, and sustained fluoride release.


  • Powder: Fluoro Alumino Silicate Glass Powder and Silver Alloy Spherical Powder.
  • Liquid: Polyacrylic Acid Solution.


  • Core build-up.
  • Restoration of primary teeth.
  • Cases where radiopacity is required.
  • As a base or liner.
  • Class I, limited Class II(low stress-bearing areas), temporary fillings, etc.
  • Long-term temporary replacement of cusps.
  • Intermediate restoratives and base material for class I and II cavities using the sandwich
  • Class V restorations in non-aesthetic situations.
  • Restorative in the field using the art technique.
  • Temporary endodontic fillings.


  • Pulp Capping
  • In rare cases, the product may cause sensitivity to some persons. If such reactions are experienced, discontinue the use of the product, and refer to a physician

Key Specification

  • Store at temperature between 10°C to 24°C
  • Working time - 1min. 30 seconds
  • Setting time - 5:00 to 5:30 minutes from start of mixing


  • 1 x 15g Powder
  • 1 x 10ml Liquid
  • 1 x Mixing Pad and Spoon