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prevest copal f 15ml (pack of 3)

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prevest copal f 15ml (pack of 3)

Description :-

An ideal cavity liner provides perfect protection to exposed surfaces of dentin as well as reducing oral fluids leakage around margin of tooth restoration interface.

Protective varnish based on Copal gum for insulating exposed dentine and providing thermal barrier



  • Insulates exposed dentine.
  • Reduces penetration of fluids into the tooth.
  • Flouride provides thermal barrier for deep restoration.
  • Flouride alleviates thermal sensitivity.
  • Needs no thinners.
  • Compatible with most amalgams, cements and composites.
  • High fluidity for easy application.
  • Air drying only.





  • Ideal cavity liner and dentinal tubuli sealer.
  • Assures perfect protection to exposed dentine.
  • Intermediary narnish prior to insertion of amalgams, cements or composites

   Direction To Use

STEP 1- Prepare the cavity


STEP 2- Put small quantity of cavity varnish on a cotton pellet and apply on the inner walls of cavity. Allow to  dry  for 40 seconds. Reapply another layer if necessary.


STEP 3- Use a new cotton pellet for each application.


NOTE- It is recommended that  two thin layers be applied instead of one thick layer.


  • 3 x 15 ml
  • 3 x Dispensing Dropper