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prevest cerafill rcs - 1x1.2gm

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Rs. 2,330.00
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  • Bioceramic technology for optimal results

  • Permits adequate working time

  • Syringe for direct application

  • Optimal flowability allows the sealer to fill difficult access areas

  • High alkaline pH and antimicrobial property increases the success rate of endodontic treatments

  • Radioopaque

Cerafill RCS root canal filling and sealing material is ready to use premixed filling and sealing material which is based on the bioceramic technology. It is an alumina free calcium silicate-based material with excellent handling characteristics and superior physical properties. It is a radiopaque material that requires water to set and harden.



  • Permenant obturation / filling of root canals
  • As a root canal sealer for teeth of the secobdary dentition in combination with root canal points (suitable for single cone and lateral condensation)


  • 1 x 1.2gm Premixed Syringe
  • 7 x Applicator Tips 
  • Instruction Manual