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pd universal solder, white/yellow

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PD Universal Solder, white/yellow

Description :-

Ready to use special Silver-based Solder, white color (Cadmium free)

1. Clean the area to be soldered which should have no trace of oxides or residual wax.

2. For soldering use a non-oxidizing micro-flame. Avoid overheating the soldering area so as not to alter the quality of the metal.

3. Universal Solder melts at about 650°C. To ensure an easy flow and secure adhesion, it should be early in contact with the surface to be
soldered so that it melts as soon as the surface is red-hot (dark red).

4. The flux contained in the solder stick is sufficient for all cases. No additional material is necessary. To take full advantage of the benefits of
the incorporated flux, do not leave the stick in the flame for too long. Overexposure to the flame would either lead to wasting the flux or to
its concentration at the end of the tube which, in turn, would have a negative effect next time the solder stick is used.

Packaging :-

1 x 1 Unit