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oro bio gp points

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Size: Oro Bio GP Points - F1

The right fit you can feel. Provide a snug fit that reaches the apex for the right tug back.
Improved flow to the end.
Enhanced patient safety.
The simplicity of a total solution. Precision-matched shapes and sizes remove the guesswork.
Can be used at lower working temperature. Lower temperatures reduce the risk of harm to the periodontal ligament (PDL).
Convenient tab for greater stability and easy identification and handling.

Gutta-percha is a material used to fill a tooth after a root canal procedure. Gutta-percha is the thermoplastic filling material heated and compressed into the tooth's canal, then sealed with adhesive cement. Gutta-percha, a plastic substance from a Malaysian tree called a perch tree, is used as a permanent filling in root canals. During the root canal procedure, the tooth's damaged area, known as the pulp, is removed, and the tooth's canals are cleaned out and disinfected before being filled and sealed. DiaDent's Specialty Points are tailor-made to complement proper rotary finishing files Specializing in Gutta Percha points and Paper Points, we carry the most extensive line of Gutta Percha and Paper Points to suit your every need.