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nsk fx plus with arv handpiece

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Size: NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece Standard Head (FXP-SU-B2)


The New FX Plus high-speed handpiece with the power of 30W & ARV Technology has been enhanced in modern dental practices to meet standards. The new equipped technology of ARV (Anti-retraction Valve) helps to prevent the reverse flow of debris into the handpiece thus avoiding cross-contamination. Precision is designed to provide the strength and durability required for clinical procedures to be carried out.

The new FX plus turbine cartridge offers enhanced smoothness, while the bur retention system is designed to hold the bur under increased torque loads securely. The body of stainless steel is secure in the hand and angled to the optimum degree for excellent direct visibility of the operating site without compromise.

Key Feature

  • Power - 30 Watt
  • Standard Head
  • Speed - 325,000-410,000 RPM
  • Head Size - ø12.1 x H 13.3 mm
  • Body - Stainless Steel Body
  • Bearings - Ceramic Bearings
  • Button - Push Button Chuck


  • 1 Unit Of NSK FX Plus With ARV Handpiece


  • The NSK air turbine simulation techniques boost more power to the air turbine that supplies 30 W of power.
  • The new ARV technology helps to prevent reverse flow of debris into the handpiece through water thus avoiding cross-contamination.
  • The Clean Head System prevents the entry of blood and foreign matter from the oral cavity into the head through Air.
  • The Air pressure regulating valve ensures a stable pressure supply to the head section of the hand-piece, avoiding unnecessary rotational pressure thus increase the life of Cartridge.
  • 25% harder ceramic bearing which greatly reduces frictional wear and enhances durability.
  • One-touch bur insertion with push-button chuck mechanism for increased bur retention strength.
  • Scratch resistance surface enhancement technology for a comfortable grip.
  • Quattro Spray ensures better cooling effect avoiding tissue necrosis.


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