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neoendo neohybrid rotary files 21mm

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Neoendo Neohybrid Rotary Files 21mm

Description :-

Neoendo Neohybrid Rotary Files offer Unique off-centred rectangular cross section :

  • Asymmetric or swaggering movement. (2 point contact with the canal wall)
  • Minimal engagement between the file and canal dentin, effectively reducing taper-lock and screw-in forces as file moves inside the canal.
  • Less cross sectional area creating higher flexibility for shaping severely curved canals and enhancing loading and augering of debris.

CTA Wire-Controlled Thermal Activation Wire :

  • Neoendo proprietary thermal process.
  • Improves flexibility while retaining cutting efficiency.
  • Gold, Blue, Gray color of the file as progressive heat treatment is applied.

Shorter Clinical Sequence :

  • The merit of efficient endodontics is now understood to be continuous and copious irrigation. Neohybrid, with its unique cross section and CTA wire technology allows for a shorter clinical sequence - it requires 2 files for most cases, so that you can allocate more time and energy to the pivotal irrigation.

Packaging :-

  • Pack of 4

Neoendo Neohybrid Rotary Files 21mm #Assorted:

Pack of 4 files in 21 mm Color- Assorted containing:

  • 17/4
  • 20/4
  • 25/4
  • 25/6