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meta gutta percha points special tapered 6%

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Size: Meta Gutta Percha Points Special Taper 0.06 #15

meta gutta percha points special tapered 6%

Meta Gutta Percha Special Taper – 6% are precisely designed to fit prepared root canals using either cold lateral compaction or warm vertical compaction. It is a thermoplastic filling material that is heated and compressed into the canal(s) of the tooth which is then sealed with adhesive cement.


  • Used to obturate or fill the root canals of teeth after biomechanical preparation of canals to prevent reinfection.


  • Easy manipulation with ample working time.
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Able to seal the canal perfectly
  • Impervious to moisture and non porous.
  • Unaffected by tissue fluids and insoluble in tissue fluids.
  • Radio-Opaque.
  • Does not cause tooth discoloration
  • Easily and quickly sterilizable.
  • Biocompatibility: Highly Biocompatible, Does not react with body fluids.
  • Dimensionally stable: Expansion or shrinkage of material occurs only during phase transformation.
  • Excellent Ductility and Malleability.
  • Meta Gutta Points have a good Apical seal which is of prime importance in Obturation.
  • Made from the Finest Gutta Percha.
  • Stiff but flexible enough to provide ideal working qualities.
  • Uniform and non-distorting crimp.
  • Excellent radiopacity.
  • Long shelf life and freshness assured.
  • Suitable for vertical and lateral condensation.
  • Beta Phase Gutta Percha.
  • Uniformly hand rolled into 4% tapering cones.
  • Available in diff size
  • Excellent radiopacity
  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to use.


  • Pack of 120 gutta percha points