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meta biomed rootor apex locator

Original price Rs. 36,960.00 - Original price Rs. 36,960.00
Original price
Rs. 36,960.00
Rs. 36,960.00 - Rs. 36,960.00
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Meta Biomed Rootor is an Electronic Apex Locator which helps in measuring the working length of root canal more correctly and safely as a supportive equipment. Rootor with its latest multiple frequency technology, guarantees the accuracy in working legth and efficient endodontic treatment. It offers maximum portability for easy and quick working length gauging.

Micro signals consisting of dual frequencies coming from main unit return to where they are sent after travelling along the electric circuit that is composed of main unit-probe cord-file holder-file-patient-lip holder-probe cord. In this case, the impedance of such electric circuit may be changed depending on the distance between the end of a file and the apex of the root canal, which results in a change in the micro signals that are input back into the main unit the micro process of the main unit calculates the change in micro signals to convert the difference into a distance value, which will be displayed on the LCD of the computer.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Precise measurement
  • Portable
   4th Generation
 Multiple Frequency Technology
Stability and Measurement reliability
Rated Voltage

DC 4.5V (AAA Alkaline battery) DC 1.5V x 3ea)

Input current DC 50mA
Power consumption 0.23VA
Patient auxiliary current Less than AC 10uA
Oscillation frequency 500Hz, 5KHz
Protection type and level against electric shock Inner Power type Equipment, BF Type Equipment
Size W70mm x D25mm x H100mm
Weight 225g +/-25g